Monday, November 30

And now for something different


hello dear readers - apologies for the silence over here I have been busy with off schedule knitting .
Here is Nigel the dino - for the new show on ABC2 Giggle and Hoot - it is Giggle's very own dino and the actor apparently loves it - I wired it from head to tail and if you wiggle the tail the head moves.  This has amused the actor to no end.

Then there is the sock puppet which has been a bit of a saga - it is for a CBB's show and I had help with knitting up the second sock but then they wanted another so I am currently knitting a third one.
He is pretty cute though.

I am way way behind with my secret project and forget about my sock club for this year or anything for myself.  But I have been extremely naughty on the yarn front and scored heaps of Wollemise on destashes.  I got some gorgeous laceweight from Donna in the most delicous red.  S.V. now has a skein of his own which once I get back from him I will knit into socks for him.

It is quite mad this time of the year and we are about to have guests stay for the next 3 weeks from Saturday.  So I did a huge clean up yesterday and sorted out my stash in to summer and winter - putting the winter away in the roof, along with all of our winter clothes too.  So for the time being I have a smaller summer stash on display.  The only problem with this is that it is going to get lonely and no doubt more will appear.  S.V. was trying to suggest one ball in one ball out - how on earth is that possible?


Bells said...

oh he's finishd! Well done! You are one clever knitter!

A summer stash? And a winter stash? Gosh that's a novel idea. Wonder if I could try it?

Kristen said...

Oh well done, Nigel the Dino turned out great! Love the little heart:) You must let us know when his bid debut is.

Sock puppets too! Wow you have been busy. Very cute!

LynS said...

So much done should receive a champion crafter award. Like Bells, I'm delighted by the notion of a summer and a winter stash - it implies both extreme organisation and a stash that's so large it needs extreme organisation!

kms said...

great looking creatures, you really are very clever! and such a great idea to store half the stash away. this means you already have all those balls OUT so they will need replacing pretty soon i think!

Cecilia said...

Love love love the dinosaur!

I would also like to know how one ball in, one ball out is possible!