Tuesday, November 3

before miss fee

There was a time before I existed and here is some proof - I am a bit cheeky for posting this but I could not resist.

This is my mum and dad - posing - and Aunty Rhonda, check out those legs!!!!, taking a photo.  for those in Canberra there this is Kamba pool circa 1962-65. Uncle Brian would have taken this photo. 
My mum just sent through a whole lot of pictures as Brian has just uploaded all of his slides and he sent her the ones with us in them.
Here my parents are in their early 20's they were part of the huge recruitment for the public service in Canberra in the 1960s.  Mum came from Perth and Dad from Sydney.  They met, as alot of people did, at Reid house - apparently there were progressive dinners each night and you move around meeting everyone.  The parents of the guy I went to my year 12 formal with  also met at this time. 
It is weird to think of your parents younger than you - and I am here today amazed at how fresh faced and relaxed they look.


Rose Red said...

It is kinda weird isn't it, but how cool to have these pics!

I wonder if I could still buy your Aunty Rhonda's swimsuit?? Looks very cool!

Bells said...

so gorgeous. I love those old stories of Canberra in the 60s.

kms said...

great photo! groovy 60s swimmers! and i love your new commenting system. i doubt mine is a remark of note however!