Wednesday, November 4

What to say

Here I am mid afernoon waiting for a meeting in a few little while wondering what to say.

Not at the meeting but to you my dear reader.  Over the past month I have dazzled you with knitting, shawls and socks.  Photos of toys and such.

But what do I say today - hello.

How are you going?  Are you having a good day.  Here is is raining a bit.  I don't normally know what the weather is doing as I am in a basement most of the day.  But today lunch was ate on the Dot Strong terrace - this is dedicated to the last tea lady at the ABC.
Adrian Thirsk writes "The “Dot Strong Terrace”
celebrates the last and longest-serving
full-time tea lady. Over the course of almost
21 years, Dorothy Mabel Strong served
more than two million cups (on an unaudited
count, I hasten to add.)"

Another ABC employee writes here about the quiet moments you can snatch there

now I am off for a cup of tea and a meeting

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gemma said...

Hello missyfee, it was both easier and harder when we forced ourselves to blog every day, but we trained ourselves to think of something.
It's clooudy again today, with the look of rain, but the night was clearer and had some stars.
Hope you have a good day.