Thursday, November 5

Mad for the Men

I am currently obsessed with Mad Men

It is amazing - the frugal nature of the scripts, scenes and style make it so rich and delicous.  S.V. and I figure they must write heaps to get the amazing scripts.

I am reading this blog and just found some great photos of the costumes - I wince at the relationship between these two - the photo does not do the drama of their lives justice at all

There was a recent build up in the script that I completely missed as I don't know the dates for significant events in the US.  I am sure many viewers were on the edge of their seats as one couple had scheduled their wedding for the weekend after Kennedy was assassinated.  Not until the episode did the full weight and significance hit us.  It was brutal.

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Virginia said...

I haven't watched this show yet (mostly because I don't have television), but I'm greatly amused at the large numbers of knitters who are obsessed with it.