Sunday, November 15

coffee cats & crochet

This is my new keep cup for coffee - I have about 1 coffee a day sometimes 2 and I saw these in a magazine a little while back and sourced this one on friday from this neat shop on Cleveland St next to Bird Textiles another favourite.
It is a small - I can't stand a big coffee I end up flying with too much caffeine in my system.

The cats are up to their usual tricks - Po gave us a surprise this morning way up on high.  Then when I took the photo I noticed Tom lying around on the porch underneath.

The rug is now 1/2 way done and I am on the home stretch.  I thought I would crochet them all and then sort out how I would arrange the colours.

1 comment:

kms said...

oh i totally need one of those cups. and i must confess, the granny squares are gorgeous! you have an great eye for colour.