Saturday, November 21

done and dusted

As I have learnt over that past few weeks crochet is not at all evil - but actually quite fun

here prior to blocking is my rug and here it is with cat deterrent devices on top


Kristen said...

Looks great and I love the colours you've chosen. Its inspired me to get a move on with my blanket!

Sonia said...

And I thought the laundry baskets were to show us the scale of the blanket! ha, ha I obviously don't have cats!

Beautiful blanket missfee, it's a classic!

Charisse said...

The crochet blanket looks fantastic, Fee! Now I have an idea as to what to do with my bag of random yarns :)

LynS said...

Looks great. I particularly like the two(?) green-centred squares that make it just that little bit unpredictable.

eriven said...

Oooh I like your cat deterrent device idea, definitely stealing that one :)

I love your blankie too!