Sunday, November 1


First there was shawl flu and now there is a fever of crochet going on over here.
I  spent snippets of yesterday working out how to read the pattern and what the various terms mean.
I found I could go so far and then have to do it and then absorb the new terms and ways.  I would look to the next set of instructions and then get confused.  
Then a little while on I would look again at the instructions and it would magically make sense.  

Here is the pattern and yarn purchased at the sale at Morris and Sons the other day on the way to knitting.  I bought some thicker crochet hooks as the thin ones hurt my hands and I don't want a repeat of last years hand injury.
Rosered laughed at my crochet technique  - there is a marathon of room for improvement there I think.  Slowly slowly I move forward.

this was the first finished motif from yesterday 
I really like the way the yarn changes colour with the pattern

Fear not the knitting is not suffering I have cast on another pair of socks and I am currently pondering another

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Rose Red said...

Look at you go!! (funny technique and all!! Sorry about that - like I said, it still gets the job done in the end!!). I predict you'll have it done by this Thursday!