Tuesday, November 10

weekend adventures

this is the little kitchen where the magic happened on the weekend - at the red dog retreat it is so good and I am a bit reluctant to share as well I want to keep this to myself.  But my better nature got the better of me - and you can take your dogs or kittens with you - ours are not at all well behaved and stayed at home

the kitchen did produce some very delicious meals

we didn't win the meat tray phew - but thanks to Kylie for the tip to the Jambaroo pub

there were wombat - 5 of them - to avoid, then a view down a gorge near bundanoon

kittens hiding in grass at Bundanoon - the mist on the top of the mountain

an of course some crochet

p.s. this new editing thing has me quite confused - apologies for the messy post

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kms said...

im a bit of a slow reader this week but i love the look of that retreat! i wont tell anyone, promise!