Saturday, December 19

According to Ms Greer

my life's work is meaningless

I know it is a hobby and at least GG acknowledges that it takes skill to knit

I need a bex and a lie down now

thanks Sally for the link( I think?!?!?!)


Bells said...

that was bad. We all know there's some bad knitting out there but her generalisations were just awful.

Rose Red said...

Interesting. I don't think she was saying that your knitting is meaningless. I think she was saying that bad knitting (or bad craft generally) is just bad, but I don't think she was disparaging good or tasteful knitting. Yeah, she generalised a bit, but not as bad as many (most!) media articles I've read about knitting. The comments to the article were funny though!

artificiallymythic said...

Yet another reason why I think she should be put out to pasture, poor dress sense et al.

And she calls herself a feminist. huh.

Kristen said...

Dont go putting any love, effort or thought into one of her gifts! Jez, I think its GG who needs the Bex and a lay down.