Tuesday, December 15

sock update

So the grand sock project is coming to an end and the sock god is cranky with me.  I finished the first origami sock and it looks great but I can't get it on my foot, bugger.  I am nearly up to the pattern on the second sock so I am going to frog the first and knit them both on 2.5mm not the 2.25mm that I did originally.

any other advice? they are really not for me but for someone who is about the same size if not a tad smaller in the foot.

I missed a great day of knitting for lunch at this quite well know place on Saturday.  This was course 7 the first of the desserts of a total of 9, we started with oysters so it became 10.  A pineapple sorbet on the left and a bloody yummy thing on the right.  I did get to the cafe in time to catch up with a few bods and a glass of champagne.  On the way home I caught the very xmassy bus.


Charisse said...

I was on the Christmas bus yesterday! It's a hoot :)
I missed you on Sunday, have a good Christmas and New Year Fee xx reecie

M-H said...

Don't frog the whole sock if the foot fits. Just use the 2.5 above the ankle. I've had to do this for feather-and-fan socks and it worked well. They are lovely socks.

LynS said...

How wonderful is the Christmas bus!

There are very few things I'd choose over a knitting meet-up, but lunch at THAT restaurant would be one of them.

Yarna said...

We missed you but completely understood your priorities!

jp said...

We all agree it was worth missing a knitting met up.

I saw that bus go past ours and wondered if you were on it.
I have yet to catch it but have seen it around.

Dr K said...

you are totally forgiven for abandoning us in favour of that chef. what an experience! i love the chrissy bus but that sux about the sock which is just gorgeous.