Sunday, February 14

socks socks socks

I am now up to my third(rav link) pair for the year in my personal sock club 2010
These are from Interweave Favorite Socks book - and they are Waving Lace in Jitterbug.  The colour way is Monet's Garden and I really think you can see these wonderful colours coming out in the pattern.

Down the bottom you can see the the latest pair of socks for the sock victim - another cotton pair and these were not the fastest knit - I have been a bit distracted with other bigger knits.

Now I think I am off to cast on a shawl as I am having withdrawal symtoms....


Kellyansapansa said...

Wow - that is a LOT of socks!

Rose Red said...

So, I have made a grand total of 1 sock (yes, a single sock) this year, and you're already onto your third pair!! You are a FAST knitter!!

I would never have thought that colour (Jitterbug) would knit up like that, it looks fantastic. Very Monet's Garden!

DrK said...

that is a perfect name for the colourway! youve reminded me how much i love jitterbug. and how much more sock knitting i need to do!!

Virginia said...

Love that colorway! It's gorgeous.

And I am still at an official lifetime total of zero socks knitted. Sigh... one day.