Sunday, February 21


It is birthday weekend here in our house.

Sock Victim is another year older and I had so much fun organising birthday treats.

Friday night the cats gave him a bottle of Plum Brandy (about 100 proof and 50%)  - they did this as they like to see the monkeys make fools of themselves and well we did...

Yesterday I took S.V. on a culinary adventure - onto the train and then a short walk up to Mille Vini in Surry Hills for Peach bellinis and a small snack. Then another walk across to Paddington for dinner at Bon Riccardo - yum yum. We had a customised degustazione menu, which included the signature dish of truffled egg pasta. As each dish came out it surpased the previous one. Wow what a meal.

A correto for me and a grappa for him we poured into a cab home for the final piece in the birthday puzzle.

A digital radio, which was then the source of hours of fun setting up and which I am now listening to. It is amazing!!!! We were listening to PBS in melbourne and podcasts and now just classic FM - the sound is great.

Now for a bike ride to Bourke st Bakery for breakfast, roast pork and if I can manage it a Black Forest cake.


Kellyansapansa said...

Mm, plum brandy sounds both yummy and dangerous!

LynS said...

Belated happy birthday to the oh-so-generous and oh-so-clever sock victim. What wonderful birthday treats...and I'm oh-so-envious of the digital radio.

Matt E said...

Those cats are evil. Evil!

DrK said...

oh happy birthday mr sock victim! what a fantastic set of surprises, hope it was thoroughly enjoyable!

Virginia said...

I'm just totally distracted by the chocolate!

Happy birthday SV!

Rose Red said...

What, no birthday socks for the SV?? Am horrified!! (tee hee!)

Happy birthday to the SV!