Wednesday, March 17

The Cardigan

I love a cardie.  Lord Cardigan apparently wore a knitted vest that opened at the front.  If I am to believe Wikipedia he had quite a scandalous life.
I digress - I love a cardigan especially in Sydney where it never really gets cold - and also in other climates as it is good for a layer.  I am not one for a turtle neck or a jumper as I get too hot - but a button/ zipped up item suits me just fine.

I currently have about 5 pages of cardigans lined up in my Raverly queue

Top of my list is

I am debating where or not to get the kit for the wool from Denmark.

 I love Gudrun's designs and I think this one would knit up quick and be a great wear.  I have a grey or a red that would look great in this.

this one is in 8 ply so could take a bit longer to knit up - and I wouldn't make it as long

4. Enid

I have the wool for this swatched and ready to go

I have some gorgeous charcoal bendigo wool lined up for this one

I have either that charcoal or red 10ply lined up for this too.  This I have wanted to knit for ages

there are more but I really had to stop somewhere.....

off the cardie topic I have the wool to knit this up for winter this year and I can't wait - now to break out the winter stash.....


M-H said...

I love cardis too. For the Folklore, I wonder if the Eki Riva Alpaca at M&S would do? I'm making a similar one in this kind of style in a grey/brown with orange, blue and cream in the yoke, and there are quite a lot of good colours in it. What yarn are you going to make Enid in?

Rose Red said...

I love a cardigan too, much more versatile than a jumper. I shudder to think how long my cardigan queue is in Rav. I should make a list on my blog too. Then look back in 12 months to see how many I've made (I guess none!) and whether I still want to make them!

Sel and Poivre said...

I love Enid and Folklore too! What a great list!

1funkyknitwit said...

Ohhh I've been wanting to make the Sunrise for like an eternity... so on my wish list!!
... but wait there's more that Enid also love!

I need another lifetime to knit everything I want ~ best get started then :D