Wednesday, March 17

Viften - F.O.

So I finished my Viften yesterday.  I may have botched up the sewing together and I now feel it isn't quite perfect enough for the show but I am going to proceed anyway with the entry.
This was a really interesting knit - the construction is two fronts with curved edges that make up the collar, the back and the sleeves - with raglan shaping.  I had hoped that I had enough wool to make the long sleeves but after a slight panic at the Knitters' guild AGM I forgo that thought and just stuck with the short sleeves.   The sleeves are a bit snug and the fronts quite billowy.  I did have heaps of positive comments at work yesterday and one makeup friend nearly stole it from my bag - saying I'd buy that if I saw it in the shops.  I am really pleased with the colour and wish I could be taking it away with me to show off this weekend.

The knit picks yarn did knit up well and towards the end I was spit splicing it together - this was a first for me.  There were a couple of mistakes with the slipped stitch that I dropped and fixed as I was going and I am so less fearful of fixing things on the go now.

So now for another cardie for me - I have cast on tea leaves in the correct yarn - and I am in love with the colour of this one.  In my head I am determined to knit the list of cardies I have had ruminating for the past year or so........but that list I will save for another post.

Po was most upset I moved his scratching post this morning to take photos, then had renewed interest in scratching whilst I was photographing.


DrK said...

fee it is just stunningly gorgeous and i think popular opinion tells you everything you need to know! the colour of tea leaves is stunning as well, something different for you but will look lovely on. and please do the cardigan list as im sure theres some there i will have missed!

LynS said...

Like Dr K I'd also like to see the cardi list - just so I can drool in anticipation. The Viften looks beautiful - I love the way the fan-shaped fronts sweep up to make the collar, and the colour looks so good. I'm please you are going to submit it to the Show - it provides variety in the display to have garments that move away from the more traditional patterns.

Rose Red said...

Love love love Viften!! Can we see it tomorrow night? So fantastic!!

I'd also love to see your cardi list - so I can live vicariously!!

sue said...

Viften is stunning! I have to say the color for the tea leaves is gorgeous too!

Virginia said...

The Viften is amazing! Good work. I can't tell where you might have messed it up, so I think you should just go with it.

Love the tea leaves cardi. I can't wait to knit that one. It's been on my queue for a while.

Kristen said...

Wow, Viften looks amazing!

Love the colour of your tea leaves cardi.

kgirl said...

sorry, can't see any problems with the seaming from here! looks fabulous - good luck with the Show :)

and you have that list of cardigans in your head too, hey? Tea Leaves is a beautiful colour, looking forward to seeing that also finished

Emily said...

Loving your fan cardi! Definite show material, as Lyn says - variety needed sorely in the cases!

Also - you're a terrible temptress with your cardigan list - agree that cardigans are the most useful. I'm doing Summer solstice (just to enable back a bit) in a mix of rowan silky tweed and YARN SPUN BY CLARE! on a drop spindle.

1funkyknitwit said...

I love Viften & having seen it & trying it on I think it's just lovely. Choice of colour divine & beautifully knitted ~ you should be VERY pleased with it & I love the shorter sleeve I think it works well.
Keep it & wear it proudly :D

.... & YES another on my sooo to do list!!

Yarna said...

Viften is amazing - what a great colour. Looking forward to seeing it at the Show.