Friday, April 2

A Good Friday

I am cooking on the right day this year - and after a sleep in til 7am, yes that is to me, I was up cleaning the kitchen in preparation to make another mess.

Hot Cross Buns -from Nigella's Feast

As the dough was rising I took stock of the finished items that have come off the needles in the past few weeks

My personal sock club is coming on great this year  and off came these and on the next ones.

I am loving the pattern sick and boring my fellow knitters on trains and in hotel bars frequently with how much I am loving the pattern of Kai-mei.

Then there was the wool - last night Gusseting visited out group and here is all the yarn on the table

I bought some red lace weight and really want the black - but this is for Merrin and I promise I will give it to her next week I promise

Po sat around whilst I photographed and made a mess in the kitchen

and then we had these for lunch/ afternoon tea

and finally I bought some Ravelry red last week naughtly me...

and here is my finish Wast Side Shawl in Wollmeise a really fun fast knit - I really love this pattern and how it comes together.  The way it is written is fantastic - first you cast on lots and lots of the edges and then pick up the stitches and knit in.  It is slow to start and then it speeds up and up and up.  Then it is done.


Rose Red said...

Your hot x buns look fantastic! And bet they taste a whole lot better than bought ones!!

Lucky I had to leave early last night I think, looking at all that yarn on the table!!

Anonymous said...

oh my god you have been busy! all that yummy red everywhere, and snap on the ravelry red, what are you thinking of doing with yours? and i SO want some of those buns. right now.

1funkyknitwit said...

OMG after reading all of that I'm exhausted! I've lazed about today & your making hot cross buns, knitting shawls/socks, yarn stashing.. I know where I need to be?!

LOVE the shawl & I particularly love the green socks which are coming along real nicely. As for the hot cross buns I can almost smell them from here ;D

Yarna said...

I love making hot cross buns nearly as much as I love eating them! But because I'm the only that eats them I don't make them.

How prolific you are - I am so envious. Love the Wast Side Shawl and LOVE the socks. I think that stitch is brilliant.