Friday, April 2

Personal Sock Club 2010 #4

These are Sensu from the fantastic book Knitted socks form East and West.  

Here is the Rav link on my project page.

This ball of Araucania Ranco Multy has been sitting around my stash for a while now.  It looks pink but it is really quite full of colour and was heaps of fun to knit with.  The pattern was inspired by Lyn and I followed some of her mods.  I extended the heel to 30 rows and then only reduced to 64 stitches for the foot as it was looking quite tight.

I am being faithful to my addi turbo lace needles in  2.25mm and the magic loop, these seem to be giving me a great tension and knitted fabric.   I am knitting one sock at a time too.  The first is the learning sock and the second is quite fun and easy.

The lace pattern was not at all flowing and intuitive to my way of thinking until I had nearly finished the second sock.  The final effect I am really happy with.

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Anonymous said...

egads, your fourth PSC already, and i havent finished one pair this year!!