Friday, April 2

Small food fest in Melbourne

miss fee knits on the plane to Melbourne 
after a night of offal we are now ready for suckling pig

S.V. and Obi ride a dino in St Kilda

Carving of the pigs - see movie in next post

amazing light fitting in La Luna

We went down to Melbourne 2 weekends ago to eat and catch up with family and friends.  Part of the food festival there were An night of offal and a night of Suckling Pig - both at La Luna Adrian Richardson's amazing restaurant.  I ate things I never imagined and like them - brains were my favorite. 

It was so amazing - and after missing out on a house auction on the Saturday it was just the consolation prize we needed.


DrK said...

i dont think i could do brains, but i had suckling pig in sardinia, and it was served just like that, and it was the most amazing thing i have ever eaten. ever.

metal and knit said...

I have to admidt to loving tripe, lambs fry and most of all but the most expensive is Brains. They are getting hard to get anymore but cheap cuts they once were and now you need a bank loan to eat them regularly.