Sunday, May 16

wayward youth

I really didn't have.

I am really a later bloomer at everything in life.  I just was not a cool kid or teenager or 20 something.  In my 30's I was quite naughty but never outrageous.

My teenage years were filled with craft and music.  Sometimes together and sometimes not.

I had this little tapestry I did in my teens and finished it off about 5 years ago - I had just the white to go.
I took it along to Morris and Sons and had Albert help me chose the frame and setting.  He said this is how they were done back in the day.   So I thought that is what it should be.  I am actually really pleased with the outcome.  I could of made a cushion or a bag but framing it felt right.

About the same time as I started this I dabbled in some quilting.  I pieced the butterflies together - I am a HUGE liberty print fan, then Mum quilted it.

Mum was going through her big quilting faze at the time - due to the lovely Diane Lampe (Harper as we knew her then).  Mum's quilting group also did embroidery and then they all went to uni and got degrees!!!! Mum completed an english degree and most of a science degree but I think the stats got the better of the science.  This is my quilt that Mum made for me at the time.  It has one of my favorite liberty prints and in purple which was my fav colour at the time.

I also have a quilt top I made at 18 one easter - sitting ready to finish and quilt - one day soon I am going to finish this.  I have had it on my year to do list for the past few years but I think this year in our new house it is really going to happen.  In our new house I am going to have my own room.  For craft, and wool and yoga and meditation.  YIPPEEE I can make a mess and not have to clean up to eat dinner!    We are planning our moving for about 5 weeks and I think it is going to come around really quickly.  I am saving the start of packing until at least 2 weeks before as neither S.V. nor I can stand boxes and packing mess.  Po does - he loves boxes so much that he shreds them.


Ruby Girl said...

The quilts are absolutely beautiful. Good luck with the moving, don't leave the packing too late or you will be to tired to enjoy your new craft room.

Rose Red said...

I'm so so excited for you and your new home!! Your lovely quilts and tapestry will be great there!

Virginia said...

Lovely quilts!

I had a similar experience with both music and crafts in my teenage years.

Here's hoping my daughter follows a similar path.

LynS said...

I particularly love the butterfly quilt and, of course, liberty fabrics. I think a visit to your craft room in the new house will be one of life's great treats.

Anonymous said...

such beautiful things for your beautiful new house! i agree re the boxes and stuff, and if you pack too early you will surely need the thing you just packed! so excited for you!

Alrischa said...

I dreeeeam about having a Room! Lucky you!