Thursday, June 24

beyond happy and so excited

I am not sure why I am so excited about this - not just that it is a woman, and can everyone stop already with the hair, clothes, children, family, marriage stuff - ok you don't do it to the guys play fair now!!!

I was not at all excited about the N.S.W. premier as I didn't even know who she was at the time.

But there is something about Julia that makes me so excited.  She is solid and dependable and has an amazing presence.  

I guess now Lee we will never see her at knitting - but we should send her a congratulation present of some funky wool or a knitted scarf perhaps.


Vic said...
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Anonymous said...

She certainly has a presence - the Australian Story on her this week showed that in sapdes.

A big day for Australian politics - I love it!

missfee said...
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Emily said...

How exciting! When I went to bed, I was hearing this was a possibility, and now I've got the news from you!!!
Congrats on e woman PM (and just think - everybody - you've got the luck to have someone who knows she is a woman, whereas we had Maggie T!)