Friday, June 25

not much happening over here

Day 25 and I have run out of ideas

so a bit of an update instead

  • Percy is up to 10th row of chart B - I should say I did 16 repeats of chart A so each row takes about 1/2 hour
  • I made a cardboard train carriage today full size for some show or other, thankfully it will be shot in black and white with lots of smoke - as cardboard does not make a good train no matter how hard you try
  • tonight we are having pizza, out - yippee
  • I don't have any plans for the weekend - apart from yoga in the morning and taking up uniforms for my crafty little friend in the afternoon - she is started at  a new school next term.  This is the amazing child who when asked about her old school said - " I don't want to be mean but there is too much Jesus"
  • I have cast on my Manu but that too is 15 minutes per row at the moment
any ideas or suggestions welcomed

I leave you with a faceless men reference from Crikey

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Rose Red said...

I think I love your crafty little friend!