Saturday, June 19

The Craft Fair - part 2

So today my young friend Gracie and I went to the craft fair.

We had a craft date - and we were both really excited.

Nothing compares to the awe and excitement of a fellow crafter being introduced the the fair.  It was much much bigger than she imagined.  

We had a plan - and as Gracie had a limited budget we went once around to check out what was on offer before purchasing anything.  Half way around we had a coffee and lamington  stop to regroup and rest our tired feet.

We also bumped into heaps of people - Clare and Keira at Touch yarns,  Kate(thanks for taking the photo), Atholie, Sally and Vishna at the Guild stall and Albert from Morris and Sons at his stalll.

My top had it's third outing in as many days and got some great comments.

Gracie got some great sparkly paper, decorated paper, fabric and a doll kit.  We are sharing a pair of socks to make sock monkeys.  I got some more possum wool to make a vest for S.V., an AK traditions book to make Gracie a doll, and some really cool fabric for a skirt - inspired by Kris.

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kgirl said...

sounds like a great craft fair outing was had by all. I love that you stopped for a lamington and tea break halfway through ;)

most excellent use of limited funds for Gracie, too - a canny crafter