Friday, June 18

Let them eat cake

Most times we are in studio there has been reason to celebrate. A birthday, a baby or an anniversary of some sort. I have show in the past some of the creations I made, Humpty and 200. Mostly I buy cakes or make cupcakes.

Lately, via Lyns, I found the Saint-Germaine French Patisserie in Redfern. It opens at 7am which means I can get to work at 6 set up, then go out get cake, and a coffee for me.

We have had most of the cakes on offer - this on is gluten free orange and chocolate. YUM


Anonymous said...


LynS said...

Hurrah for the St Germain Patisserie - otherwise known as 'Gwen's' - the name of the French owner who hails from Normandy. Love it.

Gidgetknits said...

Oh, that makes me hungry! And it's gluten free! Yay!

Ruby Girl said...

It looks delicious.