Sunday, June 27

dealing with joins

Today there was a lot of tea but not a huge amount of progress on the shawl, well not the progress that I had hoped and dreamed for.

Sunday is currently my sleep in day - if you consider 7.30 a sleep in.

We had tea and computers in bed then off to Bourke St Bakery for breakfast before veggie shopping a the Marrickville Markets.  

Home then for tea and knitting.

and tackling the weeks washing - there was sun so a reasonably successful day of washing - although currently the kitchen is filled with dryers and still a few baskets of dirty washing.

A delicious lunch of fresh bread from the markets

I am currently up to row 14 of Chart B - 8 rows short of my Sunday deadline.  As it is black wool I think I may put it aside for the day now.

I did get to join in a new ball of yarn on the last row - and thanks to Tia and the inner city guild I now know about Russian joins -  I did google it and found a great tutorial  over here.


Vintage Grrl said...

Isn't the Russian join just awesome? :D I'm glad that it was a good one for you to use :D

I can't wait to see your Percy finished :D

Anonymous said...

7.30 is a sleep in around here as well...