Monday, June 28


I learnt the hard way about tension/ gauge swatches and it would be for one of my favourite designer's, Ysolde, first submission to Knitty.  Looking back that was in 2005 and I think it took me nearly a year to knit and a sad day to realise it was way way too small :(

Here she is being interviewed about her next book.  I am intrigued by her accent and that is what drew me to watching this in the first place.  I was expecting a broader lilt but it is really more mid atlantic to my ears.

Percy update - today somehow with work and all there has been some major progress, I finished Chart B.  I even braved knitting on the train on the way home - I didn't quite finish a row in the trip.  I just put in the hopefully last life line before the end.  35 rows to go for Chart C and every other row is purl so fingers crossed this will be a smooth ride.


Lauren said...

Compare her accent to her video for tubular cast on - it sounds a lot different.

Virginia said...

Love Ysolda. But her designs have kicked my butt on occasion. Phew.

Emily said...

Big change in her voice, indeed! She as if she's not just mid-atlantic, but way over on the far side (from me here in the UK)!

Anonymous said...

ooh thanks for this. Fascinating. I'm a fangirl.