Wednesday, June 16

hoot hoot mini hoot

Help - I need to write this pattern up but I don't read crochet patterns - can anyone help?

I am going to make a spare in the next week or so - and during that I was hoping to write this up to share the hoot love with everyone


Anonymous said...

well i cant help, but i hope someone can, cos i would learn to crochet for this, its sooooo cute!

Alrischa said...

Giggle and Hooot
Giggle and Hooot
How can anyone read crochet patterns?

Rose Red said...

I can help! Because crochet is not evil (as you know!)

Kylie said...

I have only just worked out how to read a crochet pattern - and making things like a pro now (talking myself up here) If you ned a hand let me know (or would like a test crochet - putting wings in the air for you)

celia said...

Did you need someone to "Read" teh crocheted toy and writethe pattern or do you have a patternfor it but don't know how to read it?

Pickwick said...

Sadly, every time I become crothet-literate I become distracted with something else and lose it again. I'm sure you've solved your problem by now, anyway.
I'm a new mum with an infant who loves Hoot to the point of ridiculousness. I stumbled upon you in a search for a Mini-Hoot pattern. Are you aware of one being publicly available?

missfee said...

Pidwick I am ashamed to inflict my writing on such an well versed writer - please contact me through rav as missfee or via email fiona at missfee dot com and I can discuss pattern for mini hoot

Chapeuzinho said...

Hi Miss Fee

Did you end up writing this pattern for a mini Hoot? I was thinking I could use up some of the sky blue cotton in my stash on a Mini Hoot.

muchas gracias

Anonymous said...

My son LOVES Giggle and Hoot. Is there a pattern for the crochet mini hoot available? He would be over the moon if I made him one!