Saturday, June 5


I got up and went to yoga - changing my days around so I have Sundays off and a day to spend with S.V.

My brother in law was down from the mountains as his work was nominated for a design award - sadly they missed out - he surmised it may have been more to do with their submission than the actual design.   We took him for a cheer up post hangover breakfast at the Bourke St bakery in Marrickville and a quick drive by our new house - 2 weeks today we will be moving in.  After all of this rain a wet weather plan was discussed - which may mean putting back the move a few days if need be.

I went home and packed boxes for a while until....

Kris pm'd me asking me over for lunch - the Snook had made a really yummy ploughman's lunch with pickles, and home made beer bread and home made beer.  We then headed off to buy fabric for a skirt she is making next week.  I saw the most awesome practice zipper she did in class last week. 

First to The Fabric Store - and then we struck gold at Tessuti's - I will let her show you the fabric. 

After a stop at SSK where there was a small but enthusiastic contingent I headed home for a bath and a few more boxes

now for the couch and some more knitting

and a sleep in tomorrow!!!!!!

tally so far this month.....

cat let in front door 10 
rows knitted 38
boxes packed 28


jp said...

More boxes less cat/door moments.

I saw the material for Kris awesome pick.

Alrischa said...

Beer bread sounds interesting... like something that would go with roast beef... or more beer!