Sunday, June 6

knitting lace update

Thanks to Sue for the wonderful fluro tape - which is removable so I can reuse it heaps

This here is Percy(of many thanks) which I am slightly changing the amount of repeats to match this one here.

I already cast on and undid once as I messed up the first repeat.  As you can see I am also relying on life lines for each repeat.  I learnt my lesson during Ene's scarf where life lines really did save me.  I also use stitch markers as I put it down so much I would just really lose my place and alot of time counting the stitches over if I didn't use them, they get moved around each pattern repeat - every 8 rows


jp said...

It is so lovely. I am really looking forward to seeing it finished.

Life Lines rock and that Tape is genius.

Anonymous said...

oh i must get some of that tape. lovely gorgeous knitting!

LynS said...

You are so being so well-organised and careful with Percy that I know it will work well. It's looking beautiful so far.