Sunday, June 6

9 litres

of bolognase sauce is a bit too much but that is what I have done today - made 9 litres - for freezing and for quick meals whilst we are packing and moving.  Adrian Richardson is my meat god.

I also made these croatian plum bikkies - S.V. is in heaven - thanks to Bells and her sister and their food blog I delved into the Food Safari book for these - anyone of Eastern European heritage would no doubt be as crazy for these as S.V. is.

We picked out our new fridge this morning - which is really exciting now just to find the best deal and make sure it arrives when it is needed.

I have been making very slow knitting progress, but I am loving the double sided cable rib and no boxes today as yet

The cat, Tom, as yet has not demanded to be let in but no doubt now that it is raining he will be demanding drying and cuddles.  The poor cats are not liking the boxes and the moving around of things - they are fighting more and I have a few more scratches than normal.  Po is currently walking all over me and the comupter.


redambition said...

Oh yes... those plum bikkies are delicious!

Bells said...

right, I can't be left out. I have to make them too and I will!

We did a lot of frozen meals in the month we were packing to move too - good work !

Anonymous said...

gotta love a good bolognese! and those bikkies, yummo! perhaps you need to make another batch for wwkip?!