Sunday, June 6

omg the hair

I can't even remember who knitted that jumper - it might of even been me - ok please forgive me it was 1987
I have spent the afternoon going through photos as Karen's parents are putting together a tribute album for her children in Italy.  It is still quite unreal that she isn't here anymore.  I am so glad that a few of us in Sydney have arranged a get together on what would of been her 42nd Birthday early next month - I think a remember and a good cry will do us all good.  I have such happy and fond memories of Karen.

There was some project we did where we recycled paper collected in the design studio - and there are these daggy photos showing us as proof of our work.


Kris said...

Oh Miss Fee! Look at you! You look just like someone I would've wanted to hang out with at school. I want to give your young self a big hug! :)

Anonymous said...

oh god, the 80s really are better left behind arent they?! you do still have that fabulous smile tho!