Monday, June 7


I signed bits of paper, returned a key and dropped off keys - so in my mind the flat is sold. Settlement is 2pm in two days. Then it will really be official.

As it is that time of the month I didn't run this morning - I find I am more susceptible to getting sick around this time of the month if I do too much. So I got up and attempted to get to work early. The commuter gods were against me. I did manage to say hi to Merimn and Deb from the guild in the foyer at work - knitting away. I was so envious.

I had a meeting ran around for a bit and then went off to get bits to make cosmic crunchies for work tomorrow. There was a bit of discussion how to make these purple without food colouring - the frozen blueberries colour the dough but not so much the finished rock cake. They are a bit of a mess - but we like mess at work. As modeling non perfect is good.

I am now making pork and fennel for dinner. Now to have a cup of tea and knit.

tally so far this month.....

cat let in front door 12 
rows knitted 50
boxes packed 28

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Emily said...

Oh, it's getting exciting - end of an era happened, another to end very soon and the START of a new exciting one!

Woo and indeed hoo, MissyFee!