Tuesday, June 8


this article about what sort of mover are you featured today on Apartment Therapy.

I am really a mix of the two styles of mover - I am a really orgainised packer - I will have it all done by the end of Monday - except the bits we will use throughout the week.  Then Friday night I will work out the final bits and have them packed and ready for the movers at lunch on Saturday.
I write on boxes where they go and a brief summary of what is inside - that way I can put my hand on things if we need them before, during or after the move.

The cats are going to the vets for one or two nights-  so we don't have to worry about them running away and just to really confuse them.  They are most upset at the moment anyway with all of the boxes and packing.

Both S.V. and I have been sorting through out stuff since before Xmas - we pick a room and then go through what we use and what we don't.  The book collection reduced by 1/2 one day in Febuary.  My wool collection by a small amount.  Our clothes we go through each season.

I am sure we will still be moving stuff that we will get rid of later but we have decided not to buy anything new for the house until we move.  I have that next week off to sort and unpack and make those trips to Ikea to fill in the gaps.



Anonymous said...

im excited for you!

Rose Red said...

heh, snap with drk! I'm excited for you too!

(and most impressed by you managing to cull books by 1/2)

LynS said...

I don't think you're a mix of the 2 styles of mover - I think you're just super-organised. And as for culling books - you can become my inspiration!