Wednesday, June 2

Rules of the new house

I read this last night and remembered a conversation over the weekend regarding the new house and the cats.

Currently Tom mews, louder, louder and more insistently until noticed, at the front door to be let in.  He is physically capable of coming around to the back of the house and using his very own cat door - that he squeezes through.
But no, meowing is a better means of access in his world.

So, the main rule of the new house is that the cats are not to know that there is a front door - we are, under no circumstances, to use the front door in front of the cats nor every let them in the front door.

Hahahaha I give this regime all of 5 minutes.......if that

oh and I saw this gorgeous grey, white and orange combo for the front of the house I really liked over at Apartment Therapy

and those chairs I want those chairs - so now I can come clean that have swapped real-estate websites for home decor ones....


Anonymous said...

fantastic front of house! which the cats must never use. apart from cats secretly plotting to take over the world, they are, like dogs, very good people trainers. dont give in, you are smarter than them!

jp said...

What drkknits said. Totally you are smarter than them.

This from the woman who has a cat nipping her feet to get me to feed her.

I think your assessment of five minutes is more realistic.

LynS said...

Love the colour scheme for the house front. I'm already addicted to home decor websites, but they just seem to leave me dithering!

Virginia said...

that color scheme is AWESOME! love it.