Tuesday, June 1

Honey Honey Honey

Well as a celebration for moving into our new house S.V. has been racking his brains for a statement.....

A fountain was out (think the yellow pages add with the flying appendage)

A statue was not even considered (see above minus water)

Upside down plants were a fleeting thought

I thought a bigger BBQ - or TV but no that isn't it either

BEES - we are going to get bees - stingless Australian ones

I really would like chooks but the cats would too - for dinner


Rose Red said...

Heh heh, I'd like chooks too - I hadn't thought about the cat. But I reckon if we got chooks they'd chase our cat, not the other way around!

Bees...hmmm, look forward to the first honey tasting!

Kris said...

My friend Michael has those bees! I took a picture of his hive here. Just to warn you: he says they're not huge honey producers. He has them more for pollination of all his fruit and veggies.

Chooks would be fun. The Rent-a-chook site says that cats and chooks are fine together (as long as the chicks are grown).

Bells said...

that is a superb idea! I love it!

Anonymous said...

totally brilliant! cant wait to try the first batch. chooks are great, but ive seen what dogs do to chooks. i think cats would do the same.

LynS said...

What a fun idea. But I do think you should think again about the chooks too. I'm sure they'd cope with the cats once they were chooks rather than chickens.

1funkyknitwit said...

I'm amazed by this, I've never heard of such a thing in a suburban backyard. Obviously I've had my head in the ground and I have been enlightened ;D

Welcome the BEES to your new pad..hehe

jp said...

Totally T's dream bees and chickens.

Can't wait to visit.
And rethink the chooks.

knitabulous said...

Couldn't help thinking of Eddie Izzard - that's how I like my men - covered in bees!