Sunday, June 13


a day of rest - and for me the first day in ages when I had nothing to do

as it is the long weekend here it feels like a free saturday snuck in after a busy saturday

I slept in, and lay in - suffering a bit from a bad stress headache - delayed reactions from all of the adventures of last week - here is our couch today and socks on said victim...

Now I can really reflect on what a great day yesterday was.

At guild Donna gave the best talk on blocking - and like the previous month when Tia spoke on splicing I learnt so much.  I realised that the guild is now how I had imagined it would be when I joined.  An environment that is supportive and sharing in knowledge about knitting.  Wow it really is that.  Thanks to Kris and all the other knitters there.

The the wonderful Sally had organised the WWKIP day at Miller's point in the rocks.

After the said detour via buttons and walk there with Lyn and Mary-Helen I had a great afternoon.

Here is Lyn taking photos for her wonderful post from yesterday
I crocheted a flower, ate yummy food but best of all got to cuddle a very cute baby Connor.  His Mum and Dad were looking so happy and healthy this parent thing really suits them both.  Connor looks just like his Dad!!!!

There was quite a bit of knitting going on here this afternoon and I finished my Rosamund - yippee more details when it is blocked and buttoned

Yet to be blocked but I am really happy with the end result.

my current dining table  - what a mess this is to be tackled tomorrow

scene from my lounge room wall


Rose Red said...

Yes, today was a bonus Saturday wasn't it! We had a very quiet day too, it was lovely. And I got more knitting done, weeeeeeeee!

Go you on the Rosamund!

Anonymous said...

you have such a knack for knitting things that suit you so entirely, but i think rosamund is one of the best yet. just gorgeous, and the buttons are stunning. had a lovely day, and thanks for the tip on the shawl!

LynS said...

The Rosamund is lovely. particularly love the reversible cabling.

Ruby Girl said...

It sounds like you and everyone had a great saturday knitting, and the bonus of an extra day off is just the best.