Monday, June 14

nearly but not quite my day in food

I nearly did it but I forgot to take my phone to dinner tonight - we were at a fantastic turkish place in Auburn - next time.

Breakfast was at the Bourke St Bakery in Marrickville - S.V. has breakfast and lunch at the same time

I had fruit toast with ricotta and jam

Breakfast for S.V. was brioche with ricotta and jam

the pie with beef brisket

then I made some more cookies but this time with sour cream and no sugar and different plum paste - they taste great and got a big thumbs up

This is the new jam I tried with the balls of dough behind - they are basically butter, sour cream and flour

Rolling out the dough 
Can you see how different these two look - the one at the top is rolled like a croissant - how it should be - and the one at the bottom is how I did the last batch and most of this one.  Til the penny dropped as I was trying to work out the maximum jam spread and reread the recipe duh!!!


Virginia said...

Looks delicious!

I made a really truly ugly cake this weekend, that tasted fabulous. So obviously it's not *all* in the presentation, right?

Emily said...

Ooooh, kipferln!

Yummy. Might have to try that! (Memories of Vienna and my grandmother).

Anonymous said...

your first batch were delicious (thanks for sharing) and i am going to make these myself this weekend. lovely foody day!