Sunday, July 11

5 more sleeps

The garden is loving the intermittent rain today

I haven't done any packing today as I am trying to get the washing done before removing the machine from the laundry cupboard.

Po is enjoying a moment outside - a break from the arduous task of napping all day

Tom is ignoring my Manu progress - about 50% of the body til the armhole done.

I made two different pots of yummy food for the week today - 1/2 in freezer for meals in the next week.  I am determined not to get sick and part of that is to make sure that we eat well this week.  I planned the meals and went shopping this morning.  Tonight is lamb shanks - yum

fluffy cat all puffed up against the cold


1funkyknitwit said...

Ohhh lamb shanks YUM!!... can I come over for dinner?? ;D

Virginia said...

Packing schmacking. :)

Lamb sounds awesome. And your cats are very cute.