Saturday, July 10


so we are moving

our new house

it is really happening

Thursday is settlement and I have to confirm the removalist but either Friday or Saturday the boxes get moved.

I am in the planning stages mark 2 but tomorrow I am starting on the shed and the laundry.  I am going to clear out the study and put all the packed boxes in there - less disturbance for us as possible.

The wattle is blooming again it is so beautiful

I had a question regarding the biscuits - the Almond ones are from the Margret Fulton Christmas cook book.  Anzacs are oat golden syrup biscuits that are very Australian and New Zealand treat and tradition - made during the 1st world war and sent over as tac for the soldiers.  Try buying oats around Anzac day - they always sell out in the supermarkets and shops......


Rose Red said...

So excited for your big move! Hope it all goes smoothly.

Emily said...

Hurray hurray hurray re settlement and move etc etc.

Lots of pics will be needed once your nice stuff is inside the new house - can't be too much detail for those of us too far away to visit!

Sharre said...

May all go quickly and smoothly. We are hlaf-heartedly house hunting. If only the Sydney prices would drop a little

Jess said...

I have the ingredients to make anzacs all year round, the only reason I haven't made any recently is because my oven doesn't work. They are easily my favourite biscuit.

Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful, Miss Fee - enjoy!