Friday, July 9

winners and grinners

The day of the 900th post is getting a bit closer - so if you comment on my 900th post - (Marg you can just say hi) - you could win a either  batch of cookies - almond or anzac or a bag in the style of the one pictured - but in different fabric.

On the day I will pick 2 winners and you can choose which you want - cookies or a bag


Sharre said...

Miss Fee baked goods. yes please!

Ruby Girl said...

Wow how nice of you to offer such nice gifts...which would be better....bag....cookies...because of distance, bag would be best.

Vintage Grrl said...

Yum yum yum... and the cookies look good too!


I'm all about bags at the moment :D

Virginia said...

What is anzac?

I like the bag. Can't have sugar right now. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

hehe, no one can have that fabric cos its mine all mine and i LOVES it!!