Thursday, July 8

season 4

just as I was wondering what am I going to tell you today
apart the fact that I am very tired and don't have much to say


I just can't wait

there have been hints that it may not be set at the same date as where we left off

I love the costume designer - she also designed the wonderful costumes for Deadwood

& I am loving True Blood season 3 -  I have 2 words for you werewolves and Grant Bowler, it is really 3 and a spoiler


Anonymous said...

god this is such a great show. I have a way to catch up - just starting season 2. So, so good!

kgirl said...

I can't wait to catch up on MadMen and TrueBlood either!

the costumes are so so amazing - didn't realise the same person did the Deadwood ones as well. Loved them too