Saturday, July 3

And now the end is here

I am saying farewell to Percy today.

Percy of many thanks is off to be the present of many thanks.

I have learnt so much whilst knitting this project.  


  • Lifelines are a must - I used it at least once at each change of chart.
  • Reading about the pattern and various issuses on Ravlery actually helps.
  • I can knit lace and do lace knitting - one has a purl/garter stitch row on the alternate row the other chart reading both ways.
  • Putting my mind to something does work and pay off
  • I can knit a shawl over 500m - I got to 878.7m according to the weight I used
  • Nupps are really worth the effort and not that scary - really

I looked at it last night once it was blocked and again this morning - and I actually can't believe I did it.  I am already having lace with-drawl and I have been searching for the next lace challenge - I feel a circle or a shetland coming on......


PatternPercy - free from Ravelry

I did 16 repeats of CHART A 
Rows 5-31 once of CHART B 
Rows 1-27 once of CHART B 

Yarn - Fiddle sticks Knitting Exquisite Silky Laceweight - nearly 100 grams
Needles - 3.25mm until the cast off where I used 3.75mm

Today I have been to visit my darling and gorgeous Aunt and two cousins who are over from Perth - they are staying in a fantastic serviced apartment in Bondi Junction.

Tonight I am going out to dinner with some S.V.'s family whom are visiting from Melbourne - we are off to  Glebe Point Diner - weeeeee

And tomorrow - well that is another exciting day to look forward to - I believe there is a picnic and various fun things planned - I will let you know.  And I might just be a bit older by the next post.


LynS said...

The shawl is exquisite. Have a wonderful day tomorrow.

Kebeni said...

Percy looks awesome! One day I shall take the plunge too.
Have a great birthday :)

Anonymous said...

Having made a big shawl out of black yarn, I totally get the feeling you describe here. It's not easy but persistence pays off. Well done! You rock!! Nupps are great!

Anonymous said...

it is beyond gorgeous. one of the most beautiful things ive ever seen. so totally worth the effort, you are an awesome knitter! and happy birthday!!

Ruby Girl said...

Wow! That is just beautiful.

ginevra / occasional glimpses said...

Have a wonderful day tomorrow!!! (And glad you like nupps now, the shawl looks so beautiful)

Rose Red said...

It's just beautiful - well done you!

And have a lovely day tomorrow, happy birthday!