Sunday, July 4

make a note - a fun day

Today was a great day

There were presents

lots of tweets, phone calls, texts and emails - thank you everyone

Breakfast in bed
from bourke st bakery to my bed

Presents - note making and writing - 2 mechanical pencils, 1 clutch pencil and a pen, and quite a few wonderful notebooks - and a clutch pencil sharpener.  Did you know I love pencils?

already used can you see the lead shavings?

Lamy, Pental,Tasche and Rhodia!!!

An a surprise picnic lunch

we caught a train

went for a walk and found a secret garden

we met Wendy who made the garden and had a great chat to her about the garden

After an explore we ate lunch in two courses

Yum and Yum

then home for naps and treats of knitting on the couch but look who stole MY spot on the couch.....


Rose Red said...

heh heh, cats have no respect for birthdays!

looks like you had a lovely day - happy happy birthday to you!

Flea-Bites said...

A very happy birthday for yesterday, Fee - it sounds like a magic day.

Emily said...

Oh happy birthday!

Sorry I missed it...