Monday, July 5

the other side

of knitting so much is now my neck and arm are playing up.  So off to the Osteopath this afternoon.

I am sure it is also to do with the fact that I haven't run in a week and missed yoga on Saturday.

Sometimes it just gets too hard to do everything.

This morning I am going over the weeks work plan and non work plan.  I am leading a yoga class on Thursday morning as our teacher is in India for a month on a retreat.

I am not sure but perhaps I will be leading the yoga at knitting on Saturday - so I am going over the wonderful notes Alison sent me a while back.

I have started on a rather large clean up of my workspace - as this is the only moment until January when there is a week where this can happen.  I am going through all our craft boxes and sorting out - seeing what needs replenishing and what we don't use.  I am also going to sort through the large piles of kept makes that we have piled everywhere.  A bit of space is needed and a big throw out is imminent.

I also feel a similar situation happening next week at home.  I am not sure how much time I can take as the powers that be keep changing work schedules and due dates at the moment - daily.  So I am playing it all by ear.
But a clean out - with lists and notes made with fab paper and pencils - is on the way me thinks.
Boxes are high on the list - as the ones I had purchased were taken to work and used on set - turned inside out to hide the branding which then made them structurally unsound.  The box packing and count will start later next week - as I want the least disruption possible for cats and S.V's as we all get upset when the house is being packed up.

On the knitting front - apart from the sore arm/shoulder - I have started more socks and making slow but steady progress with my Manu.


LynS said...

Belated birthday greetings for yesterday - we were thinking of you! You must have had such an orgy of knitting to finish 'Percy' in time that I'm not surprised it's had an impact on your neck and arms - hope the osteo and yoga work for you. So much sorting and culling and organising and opportunities for moving to the next stage. Good luck.

Virginia said...

sorry to hear about the sore arm and shoulder. Hopefully yoga will help that clear up quickly.