Tuesday, July 6

Gentle Arts

Today I was down by the harbour at one of the great libraries in Sydney - Custom's house Library
sydney harbour is such a treat

This is the view after as I waited for my train

I found the most delightful book by Jane Brocket - The Gentle Art of Domesticity.  I have been reading her blog -well actually drooling over the images.  The knitting and crochet is quite something and she also has a thing for socks and cupcakes.

I especially love the appendix/ Resources section with 6.5 Stitches (is this Alison's gauge I wonder) at the top of her favourite blogs and the great knitting and crochet pointers .

Grace Cossington Smith's sister I believe

Where to get wool and patterns and help from. In the section on patterns it points the reader to Knitty and Clapotis by Kate Gilbert - guess what scarf I have on today....

This lead me to think how many knitted items did you have on today
I had on artichoke socks, my grey viften, clapotis and a beret


Virginia said...

None. Sigh. It's supposed to be 38 C here today. Ugh.

Emily said...

I just see those garments and see you!

Anonymous said...

firstly, im so glad you had a great birthday, bugger about the osteopath, and yay for hand knits! i bet you looked a treat yesterday!