Sunday, July 25


So here I am quite a few days later than I thought, the internet connection here is sporadic at best at the moment.

Moving does really take a whole lot longer and is a whole lot harder than I remembered.  And I have moved quite a few times and spent quite a few years moving stuff in and out of trucks for work.  But this still doesn't really prepare you for not the physical but also the emotional upheaval of moving.  The emotional upheaval has really got me this time.

The actual move went really smoothly, the pack up the move and the unpack but all the associated bits have been a lot harder this time.  Perhaps as it is our house and we intend to be here for a while.  Perhaps as it isn't as organised in some ways or as renovate as our last house- we are itching to redo the kitchen asap.

But aside from this the best bit about the move has been the ability to say - oh this doesn't work so let's fix it.

Laundry tap broke - fix it

Need more shelves in the cupboard - fix it

Need bike storage in the shed - fix it

Broom needs to hang - fix it

and so it goes as Devo says "fix it real good" the bosch cordless drill, S.V. and I - with some small help from Bunnings are kicking arse so to speak.

I have to report that the dishwasher is FANTASTIC - especially for tea stained tea cups, and there a quite a few in this house, and plastic containers which I could never get really clean.

In amongst all of this I have gone back to being a student one day a week - I am doing my Certifiate IV TAA which means that I can teach and train at TAFE level.  Wow it was a busy day yesterday but actually quite a lot of fun.  13 weeks to go.

Please bear with me re the winners of the 900th post for a few more days.......

I am not at all looking forward to going back to work tomorrow

not at all

At a later date added to note
- that I have the song all wrong - it is Devo and 'whip it good' - which caused S.V. no end of laughter and merriment at my expense.


Rose Red said...

Fix it good! Hurrah! I remember when we moved into our first house, we made a trip to Bunnings every day for about 2 weeks!! Good to do those little jobs now, rather than wait (like we did with this house - still many need to be done!!)

Yay for new house! Boo for having to go back to work...

LynS said...

Congratulations - you've survived, and done it with grace. It gives me some hope that I will be in the same place in a few weeks. I'm most envious of the skill you and SV are demonstrating with the cordless drill. Well done.

Emily said...

I agree with Rose Red - fix it now while you still notice it!

And with Lyn - congrats! We too are looking forward to being in a similar position soon. (Have you seen we've got plaster!)

Anonymous said...

bunnings is your new best friend! so great that you can do what you want, when you want. hope things are starting to settle down a bit now.