Monday, July 26

Knitting Clinic - do you need some help with your knitting?

Knitting Clinic @ 
The Bronte Sewing Room

Are you at a crossroads with your knitting?

Are you stumped, scratching your head  and can't get any further with "that" project??

We are absolutely delighted and excited to have knitting aficionado Fiona Donovan (aka missfee...) joining us at The Bronte Sewing Room.   

Fiona is an accomplished knitter, hardly ever seen without her needles and she is incredibly keen to help you out.

She will offer her expertise, practical advice and knitting tricks so that you can complete your project once and for all and be inspired to begin another.


Pull out those unfinished projects from your "too hard basket" and come along to our very first knitting clinic.

Date: Thursday 29th July 
Time: 6:30 - 9pm
Cost: $45 (include tea and bikkies)

Booking info
Bookings are essential and places are limited.
Please phone the staff at Sprouts / The Bronte Sewing Room on 9386 9977 to make your booking.

Warm regards,
Colette Reynolds 
22-28 Macpherson Street Bronte NSW 2024
tel: 9386 9977 fax: 9386 4640 email:
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jp said...


Sounds fabulous.
Means we might miss you on thursday nights though.

Will have to look at alternatives


Anonymous said...

oh what fun. i want to come just to hang out with the fabulous missfee!!