Tuesday, July 27

here it is

Still in the sorting out where everything goes phase but here are some photos of the house in progress
I have put them in order if you were to walk through the house

our bedroom

my very messy study

looking back to the kitchen from living/ dining

to the backyard
skylight over lounge


Rose Red said...

Oooh, knitting under the skylight! Lovely! And hello to Big Ted there in your study! Very exciting!

jp said...

Looks fabulous Fee
And well done to Rose Red who picked out Big Ted in the study.

LynS said...

It already feels like a home.

Anonymous said...

oh its sooo pretty! and so homely! what lovely light, and those gorgeous doors to the backyard. very you and SV i think!

Virginia said...

Looks lovely! I hope you're somewhat enjoying putting everything away.

Emily said...

Isn't it lovely?

And the best bit is, we know it'll be even better when its been *really* MissyFeed!

a said...

SOOO exciting and I agree, it looks so pretty. Congrats guys