Sunday, August 1

no where fast

That is where my knitting is at of late

I am going slow slow slow

My Manu is creeping along up the sleeves, I have at least finished the body.
Another sock club reminder has popped up and I have also missed the last one too.  So I am two behind.
This house moving business is busy and time consuming indeed.
And to top it off I am really on the edge of sickness - today my throat was really sore and I rested in the hope of being able to make it through another week.

But on to the fun stuff winners

Random number selector is going to pick two -
Ta da.........

Mary-Helen come on down

Jan you are a winner too, come on down

Please contact me to let me know if you would prefer a bag or bikkies!!!!


Rose Red said...

I'm sure your knitting is going faster than you think it is!

Hope you fight that cold/flu off lovey, it's the last thing you need.

Jan said...

What a lovely surprise. Take care and get lots of rest. (haha!) moving is stressful enough without hassles with finance and mortgage etc.

M-H said...

Goodness - me? I'll get in touch! Thanks so much.