Wednesday, August 18

socks and such

Thanks for the comment Emma the first Madelinetosh grey is Tern in tosh light merino - this not being able to reply to all of my comments does get a bit annoying but I think this is a feature of Blogger - any suggestions?

Back to the business at hand - knitting this is going to be a shawl - yummy handmaiden sea silk yarn - and what colours - yarn pron for you all.

I have been knitting, but frustrated at my slower than normal enthusiasm and progress - then I remembered that usually around this time of the year I do slow down a bit with my knitting.  But the cloud has past and slowly the mojo is coming back.  Oh and I should stop being so hard on myself we did move and I have been occupied with life in general.

For starters I went to the most amazing workshop with Liz Gemmel on the weekend, as an aside if you ever get the chance to sit next to Knitabulous, take that chance and embrace it whole heartedly you will not regret it - she is one top sheila and I have never laughed as much.

I digress, Liz was awesome, and Liz was great, but best of all she said - yes there are rules, these are the reasons why knitting behaves the way it does, now go forth and do what you want.  My kinda lady.  We are so getting her back and if you get the chance to come along don't miss out.

I came home and tipped my stash on the floor - that felt great - I know know what I have.  Way way too much sock yarn - so much that I may never get through it, but a very concerted effort to will be made I promise you and me that.

 I even have a bit of tango - which when I went to destash I was like - no it can't go!!!  The colours, they  look too good!!!

they go too fast for my camera
majestic po

The cats are being cats as usual.

Finally some knitting here are the three pairs of socks I have been trying to knit over the past long while. The first pair the green ones - well I knitted a whole sock and it was just too small - I even filmed the unravelling of that one.  The second pair is the ball on the right which is a replacement for the ones I lost in May on the train.  The last ones in desperation I cast on to have something simple to knit and then I ignored too distracted by life and Manu.

So now I am going to work my way through these with the odd interlude of sock for myself - these are of course all for the sock victim - he is feeling a bit neglected.  But he is still my hero - as he tried really hard to get me ceramic yarn for our second anniversary - but in the end decided that it wouldn't be a great addition to the stash - he read reviews on Ravelry that were not so great.  My kinda guy.  I procured for him a rather dashing mug and some napkins(china and cotton for 2nd year I read).  So now I am pushing for a new matching dinner set - but we will see........

And a HUGE thankyou to Mary-Helen and Sandra for the super gorgeous Marameko tea towel that appeared in our mail box the day we moved in.  I love this pattern and it was such a thoughtful gesture a big thanks from S.V. and myself.


LynS said...

I'm also in the knitting doldrums. Moving house seems to take all the emotional (and physical) energy one has to spare.

I love the MadTosh sock yarn. I think it's my favourite sock yarn just now. My current PSC project is in MadTosh, but I've not even cast on! Very doldrums.

Even I think your cats are beautiful.

Emma said...

Ah, Tern. Thank you. I've been eyeing off MadelineTosh sock in graphite, but it's going to be hard to decide between graphite, tern and composition book grey...

The colour of the sea silk is very pretty, it reminds me of abalone shells. Can't wait to see it in shawl form.

Anonymous said...

i really need to get some madtosh. i feel like a bit of a knitting loser without some.... and the workshop was really great, im hoping to get time to put some of what she said into practice this weekend! you know, youre a pretty top chick too :)

jp said...

I love the madtosh (surprise)

That workshop was just mind-blowing and yes I think I laughed so much sitting opposite you both my stomach hurt after.

Can I come swim in your stash. (Looks great)