Monday, August 16

furry beasts (or how I am really a cat tragic)

po stalking tom

the cats love the new house

there is under the house to hide

there is still a train track behind the house to get filthy from - Po comes in mainly black not white

and generally there are less other cats around so they are more chilled, although we did have a visit from George the cat up the road and his owner last night - and she has 10 cats apparently, he chased Po under the house and disappeared

We(well I) fretted and discussed the best way to go about the move for the furry beasts.  At first I was going to drop the cats off at my sisters, but I had dreaded thoughts of them getting out and having another thing to worry about on move day.  So sensibly I booked them into the vet for 3 nights.  As we had already had a false start to the box city they were not so freaked by the piles of boxes in the house.  But by the Friday I think I needed a break from them to really concentrate on the packing, yes they want cuddles and pats and I have no resolve whatsoever.

We moved they rested, and had to socialise with other cats.  I am not sure how they really felt (as they cannot talk) but my niece and nephew were really keen to help collect them on the Sunday.  I wasn't really ready but we collected them and cat proofed the escape routes.
After 2 weeks inside - well it was the second weekend - with a few 10 minute outings, some by stealth some by design.  The beasts were released on the Saturday when I was at Tafe and we have not looked back.

They then had a few days in when the termite treatment was done and after one day of climbing the walls they settled down again.

Tom is more chilled.  Po is really happy - but to tell the truth I will never really know as they can't talk!!!!

I will also add that the front door issue has been solved - as in this my resolve is firm and I will not open it on a mew, however persistent it is, request.  Tom tried very very hard yesterday to get me to open the door but it did not work.

Now you can really laugh as we are getting a painting done of them by an artist friend of ours.  We are truly cat tragics!!!!


jp said...

A painting of the fur family. A friend of mine's husband bought her that for her birthday.

The painting is stunning. The dog is pushing the cat and the fish in a shopping trolley.

So you aren't the only one.

Virginia said...

cats are magic. I mean, really, they can open doors with their minds.

One cat would sit in front of the door day in and day out, and it would magically open! (of course, what was magic to that cat was simply one of us humans going in and out through the same door, but still, according to the cat, she opened it with the sheer force of her mind.)

Also, cats are fully responsible for gravity. I don't know if your cats have told you that yet, but they are, indeed, responsible for all the gravity on the planet. I don't know if you've ever noticed how cats like to lay on things. This is to infuse them with gravity to make sure they don't float away when the cats are occupied with something else. (this is also why cats spend a great deal of time sitting on things that you want. They know you want the thing, and that the thing is important, so therefore the object must be infused with as much gravity as possible. It's all a matter of priorities)

It's all true. My cat told me so.

Rose Red said...

Heh heh, Virginia is right!!

I'm sure the cats are more settled in your new home - they know it is your permanent place, I think they can sense it. Our cat is the same - so much more settled since we moved. It's really nice to see.

Anonymous said...

i love your cats. thats all.