Sunday, August 15

what I have done

Well today I put up the blinds in the bedroom,

then I made some cookies 

war is being won agains ants in the pantry

and now I am going to sit down 

and knit some more of my shawl.

I also took photos of all of the madelinetosh 
I have been acquiring of late - 
thank you to Pru she is my dealer in such yarn.

come to the vintage sale
sample of goods

And I finished my Manu

I love this knit - although it took what seemed like an age it was a pleasure to knit - so well written and I learnt to look at the wraps and turned them all around after I had knitted them into the row, they twisted up somehow - I find wrap and turns such a confusion.
The possum merino from Touch was at first I thought giving me an allergy - but I soon realised that the move and boxes and tape was playing havoc with my poor hands.  The possum is so soft and warm and snuggly to wear.  The pockets are genius.
Love love love this knit.

the real colour is in the closeups - the larger photo didn't really work out.

Touch Yarns Possum Merino - colourway is Cranberry -  I think this is a 4 ply but it knits up like and 8
needles - 3.5mm, 3.75mm and 4.5mm

and it took ages - I started back in the old house on June the 27th and final bit done on August 12th - then blocked and worn for the past 3 days, a real success

and thanks to Jody for picking out the buttons, she walked into the button shop in Newtown and this was the first container she pulled off the shelf - YAY


Rose Red said...

You have been so very busy!!

Your Manu is just so lovely - and really, that's a quick knit!! (for me anyway...)

Virginia said...

The manu is lovely.

And I REALLY adore the madelinetosh. I haven't gotten my hands on any of it yet, but I have plans...

Alrischa said...

How does possum-merino feel? It looks beautiful and soft. The color is fantastic; I like it better than the one on the pattern page on Rav. Also love that reddish Madelinetosh!

Emily said...

Love the manu!

I'm planning to actually post on my blog soon, re all the yarn form knitcamp. We all fell over good and hard, such lovely stuff.

Hope your hands are feeling much better?

Sue said...

Manu is beautiful! Such a gorgeous color. Nice to hear you are winning the ant problem!

Gidgetknits said...

I've been tempted by Manu... but I really love your colour!

travellersyarn said...

Manu looks gorgeous - glad to hear that it is being worn.

We saw heaps of ants this morning as well - maybe its the season in Sydney?

drkknits said...

its like that manu was designed just for you. its gorgeous!

Emma said...

Your Manu turned out so nicely, I really like the yarn you chose. It seems a pattern well suited to a yarn with a bit of haze.

What colourway of MadelineTosh is in the first photo? I'm a sucker for a good grey!

Nellie said...

Your Manu is gorgeous Fee! Its such a great colour, and the yarn feels amazing. You totally inspired me to get a move with mine. And it warms my cockles to see you loving the Madtosh!